Can you see it?..


Hi there!πŸ˜‰ It’s a new month and a “love”-ly one at that😊.. I hope you make the most of it and share all that love that’s been bottled up inside…

A great way to start this month is to start with vision… Did I just say vision? Yea…Vision. What do I mean?πŸ˜•Β 
Did someone just say; “Vision is a mental picture of the future”? That’s true.. And it’s also true that January’s gone, but Thank God It’s FebruaryπŸ˜€…it’s a fresh new start, a second chance, a bag full of fresh opportunities..
Vision is a strong image for a preferable future.

What’s that thing you’ve always wanted to start but were too chicken-hearted to do, much less envision it?.. The big question is ” What do you see?” because you’ve got to see it to do it.

Vision Compels – when you can see it, you’re stirred up from within to see that it becomes what others can also see. You just won’t want to give up till you make the world see what you have to offer.

Vision restrains – your vision compels you with so great a force that you drop the nonessential things, all things may be lawful, but not all are expedient..

Vision directs – Don’t be a blind leader of the blind; else you, and your “followers” will end up in a ditch. Lack of vision equals lack of direction and self control.. You’ll simply be thrown about by every wind of doctrine.

True Vision is Divine – This is the most important fact. Your vision should come from The Almighty. When God gives you a vision, you need not worry how it’s going to be fulfilled ’cause He’s got the provision.

Vision is expensive – Every vision has a process. Not all visions are equal in cost but every vision has one. Sometimes, you lose your sleep, money, time, etc..well,you’re not exactly losing all of that; so I think the word “invest” is most suitable. Didn’t they say, after all, “no pain, no gain”?

Like I said in my very first post, “Better Days are Here!” and you’ve got to see it before you achieve it.. So, activate your vision!😎

Have a splendid month!
Love 😘


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