It’s all been written!


Hello! It’s nice to have you around 😊 ‘cos I’ve got something really important to share with you today.. The ensuing write-up was culled from the devotional book my family uses… I’m so excited to share this with you because it stirred me into action!

Text: Hosea 4:1-7
Welcome to today’s devotional! A recent study in America shows that: The average self-made millionaire reads one book in a month while the average American reads one book in a year. The study also reveals that the average American spends at least six hours per day in watching television, while the average self-made millionaire spends less than two hours watching television.”

What this means is confirmed by the undebated saying that: Readers are leaders! To be ahead of your peers at school, in church, in your office, or your business focus, you must spend more time ahead with good books and motivational tapes in this year 2016! Remember, ignorance is more expensive than education! The last World Anointing Night at TBS was just awesome with such a huge crowd. You prayed and fasted asking God to promote you in 2016 but now, God is pleading with you to do a personal self-development so that your ignorance will not stop Him! Hosea 4:6 paraphrased: It is not the devil that is your barrier but your ignorance! AN INVESTMENT IN KNOWLEDGE IS AN INVESTMENT IN DESTINY! Mr Charlie “Tremendous” Jones did pen the the following words: “You are the same today what you are going to be in five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.”

Dear child of God, LAZINESS IS NOTHING MORE THAN RESTING BEFORE YOU GET TIRED! Laziness and procrastination will make you to serve your juniors except you paralyze them now! By postponing reading your Bible or books, you are postponing the wiping of your tears! Satan is a liar! Conquer sleep and read a book! Read something positive and inspirational before you go to bed daily in 2016. You will soon know the benefit as the thought will support you throughout the next day. MISS A MEAL IF NECESSARY, BUT NEVER MISS A BOOK! Never forget that everything  you need for your desired success has already been written! All you need today is to paralyze laziness and look for them!
Do you know that only 3% of African have a library? While just about 5% of Americans do. Be different! No wonder Paul invested in books (2 Timothy 4:13). IF YOU DON’T READ, YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN THOSE THAT CANNOT READ! Remember that all that you need to succeed has already been written; seek for them by reading a good book daily before bed. Every reader is a leader! This is your year!

Insightful! Isn’t it? 😏


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