What Have You Got?

😫Yea, I know it’s been “ages” since I last visited… I feel bad about it and I’ve missed being here.. Had quite a tough time summoning courage, but then I realized I only needed to start and the anxiety would disappear.😝

So, I learnt something over the past few days and would love to share it. The other time I shared my musings on Jeremiah’s story; this time I’ll be sharing Moses’s. The scene is that of the burning bush and as it was time for the fulfilment of Moses’s purpose, God visited. After God had spoken a while, Moses had this to say “..they will not believe me,…for they will say, The Lord hath not appeared unto thee.” Wow! This was the same guy that singlehandedly killed and buried a man way back in Egypt. Even Moses was initially scared but then we don’t remember this as we see Moses to be that great leader of Isreal that God used to divide the Red Sea…with a rod…yes his wooden shepherd’s rod.
Now back to the burning bush scene. To Moses’s excuse, God replied, “What do you have there in your hand?” A question to which Moses honestly answered and said “A  rod”. Do we remember that rod? The same one used to divide the Red Sea! Aha! Now that’s where I come in; and I ask you today “what do you have there in your hand?”

Have you got a great voice? Are you apt to teach? Do you know to play a musical instrument? Do you write? Do you do lip synching? Can you manipulate a pen or pencil to create images that are almost alive? Or are you afraid what you’ve got is but a mere “rod”? And you ask..”of what use could this gift/talent be to me…or even others?

You know, that rod of Moses only led sheep and not until he surrendered the rod to God did he realize the great feats that rod could achieve – leading a nation out of years of untold hardship. Today, I’d encourage you to surrender that talent to The One who has deposited it within and be amazed at what great heights you’d reach.
What have you got?☺


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