New Resolutions or Old Ones Modified?

It’s a new year!🎉🎆🎉 And I’m delighted to welcome you into it.The year looks promising (like every new year does, right?) and I’m certain without an iota of doubt that this year’s gonna surpass the former years in greatness for me and for as many as believe. This faith can only stem from God.

So, this morning as I got out of bed and began preparing for Sunday service, I stumbled upon a piece of folded paper while sweeping my room. With the intent to discard all dispensables, I quickly unfolded the paper to know the content. As I read the content, I was quite impressed, and more importantly, stirred up to action. 

As you read the content of the paper (dated sometime in 2014 before I wrote Jamb), I sincerely hope you’d be motivated to put your plans and goals for this year into action just as I was😊.

      MY GOALS [Habakkuk 2:2]

I, Omelazu Christiana Chinonyerem, will do my best to achieve these goals, by the Grace of God at work in my life.

  • Being (and remaining) the best in my department and faculty, attaining straight A’s in all my courses.
  • Finishing as the best student overall.
  • Using my voice to bring Glory to the name of the Lord – healing the sick, setting captives free and empowering people.
  • Being the best Medical doctor I can be…reaching out to the ends of the earth; even to the remote areas/villages of the world. Reaching out to them with God and offering them free medical services where they cannot afford it.
  • Transforming the minds of the youths of these days to doing things that please God and not the devil.
  • Being a virtuous woman [Proverbs 31:10-31]

Hmmm… Wait! That’s not all of it, there were two more papers there…


             Unwanted Habits

  1. Waking up late
  • It abridges the time of fellowship between God and me.

     2. Bad Attitudes such as mood swings, depression and introversion 

  • Creates a fertile ground/breeding space for inward criticism of others and anger leading to stress!!!

     3. Spiritual laziness 

  • Drifts us (God and me) apart / inhibits my total submission to God and prevents me from being totally/fully used by God.

             DESIRED HABITS

      1. Prayerful Attitude

  • Draws me closer to God and helps me grow spiritually

     2. Good Reading Habits (including the Bible)

  • Broadens my horizon intellectually and spiritually ➡ knowledge (applied) is power!

     3. Positive Attitudes 

  • Reduces stress and helps you to attune your ears to the voice of the Holy Spirit; hence preventing the chance of making mistakes and committing avoidable sins.

     4. DAILY MEDITATION on things that are pure, holy and worthy of emulation.

  • It builds your faith 

     5. Attitude of Praise

  • This is what God wants. It’s His food! Doing this endears me to His Heart.

Whoa! 😇 I was speechless after reading this. I definitely wasn’t going to throw these away! Safe in my purse I kept it.

I needn’t go any further. I only pray God will touch our hearts and lives this year to achieve goals worthwhile, to the end that He be Glorified. 

God bless you. Happy New Year!!!


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