Working with the “Now”

Hello dear! We’re in the fifth day of the new year already; time does indeed fly and the better news is that you’re the pilot. “Not everyone is born with money or good parents or good genetic makeup, but we’re all born with some amount  of time to spend. The average person gets around seventy years. Some get far fewer, some get far more. But regardless of how much you get, you have a responsibility to spend it well… As each moment passes, you’ve spent a moment that can never return. You may have invested it in time with a friend or you may have wasted it watching commercials, but you can’t get it back. How we spend our time plays out in a series of choices, every moment, every day.” (Colin Creel, Author of the book  Perspectives, a book for twenty somethings)

With the above statements affirming the importance of proper time use, I’d like to share an excerpt (from the same book as above) from a letter written to a twenty-seven-year-old as he finds his identity. I hope you find in the excerpt, a word or more that’ll spur you to becoming who God wants you to be, and that too within the set time.

Colin (you could insert your nameπŸ˜„), you can’t do enough. You’ll never be able to do enough, be enough, have enough, serve enough, give enough, pray enough, worship enough, study enough or submit yourself enough to whatever rigors you think might smooth some of the rough edges and bring you closer to God. He on the other hand, has done everything so that you can be His, be faithful, be attentive, and be walking in the immense freedom of His Grace to discover more of Him, His love, His work in you, His will for your life, His best use for your gifts, His direction for your life. Be present to the Lord now, for what He has put before you right now; be present to the students you have been given to love and mentor; present to the other faculty who need loving leadership and shepherding; present to the people in your life who love you for where you are right now. Take your eyes off the horizon and what might be, or could be. Focus on what the Lord has put before you right now, be faithful to fulfil His call for you right now. When it’s time to look up on the horizon to see what the Lord is bringing your way, He will tell you to look up and get ready for what lies ahead. Until then, be faithful and purposeful to find your significance in doing your best to fulfil God’s call on your life right now. The accolades may or may not come, but that will not matter if you know at the core of who you are that you are fulfilling God’s call on your life. What would matter would be that you strove for the accolades and public recognition of your accomplishments and in the process sacrificed being in the centre of God’s will for your life.😫 You will have achieved something good at the possible cost of God’s best for you.πŸ˜– 

I love you.


These words have helped me to put in my best to do now everything God’s calling me to do now, knowing that if I prove to be faithful in the little, seemingly minute things now, I’d be equally faithful with the large things He’s laid in store for me, in the future.

With great love,



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