The Infamous Writer’s Block – My Experience.

So, it’s been four months since I last put up anything here. And before the last post, it took me some good 5 months to ‘pen’ down my thoughts. Was it that I had no thoughts? Certainly not! I had myriads of them during those periods of blackout. So what happened? πŸ€” Well, I was suffering from a major bout of Writer’s Block. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to write about (most times I do have things to write about), but I just couldn’t seem to put them down.

If you’re reading this and you’re a writer or some vast reader, you’d most probably understand this term because you’d have probably suffered from it too or are even suffering from it presently!

Two things I plan to achieve with this writeup. First is to let you know more about this illness; and second is to encourage you to come out of that block which has enclosed you, and even to prevent you from being trapped. For they say prevention is better cheaper than cure. πŸ˜‚

For those still wondering; “Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years.” (Wikipedia) Aha! Sounds so familiar right?

So, being the medical student 😷 that I am, I’ll present to you the pathology of ‘Writer’s Block’; stating the etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and signs, clinical course and finally, prognosis. Enjoy!

  • Etiology / Pathogenesis – Writer’s block can be caused by many factors (excluding genetic factors, because I do not believe that it’s a heritable trait) centering on the problem of creativity. A writer may run out of inspiration or may be simply distracted by other things. Other causes may include external pressure from (potential) readers, or adverse circumstances such as physical illnesses, loss of loved ones, depression, financial pressure, or even intimidation from within oneself (say, from one’s past mind blowing works) or from without. For me, I guess it was the ever familiar intimidation from without, coupled with unbelief in my abilities. And yes! The age-old thief of time – Mr. Procrastination. “I’ll do it later in ten minutes’ time” turns to “tomorrow”, which leads to “another day” which leads to “next week”, then “next month”; even “next year” until it never does happen. πŸ˜₯
  • Signs and Symptoms – These are quite obvious. The sufferer no longer produces any real work of his own. Most times disappointing both himself and his (potential) readers. For me, the dearth of posts on my blog is enough sign. I just stopped writing altogether.
  • Clinical Course – Writer’s block may last for varying periods in different individuals. It could persist for as short as two weeks and could likewise last as long as the lifetime of the affected individual. Sad, innit?
  • Prognosis – Finally, the prognosis of this disease actually depends on the affected individual. If you want to get well, you would. If you do not, you wouldn’t. It’s that easy. My prognosis was good, thanks to my friends who were there to encourage me to come out of that block I had become so comfortable in… And thank God for constantly reminding me of who I am and what I can do, by His Grace.

So on recovery, I wrote two poems. As you read them, I pray you find inspiration to recover fully! Most of all Trust in the Lord, He’s the Healer of all kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Don’t worry about how it’ll turn out or if it’ll be accepted by a lot of people. Just write. And be consistent. That’s key! We will yet write again!!!πŸ’ͺ

Much Love,



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