The Infamous Writer’s Block – My Experience.

So, it's been four months since I last put up anything here. And before the last post, it took me some good 5 months to 'pen' down my thoughts. Was it that I had no thoughts? Certainly not! I had myriads of them during those periods of blackout. So what happened? 🤔 Well, I was … Continue reading The Infamous Writer’s Block – My Experience.


Walking or Working?

I've come to learn over the past few months through personal experiences and those of others that what you do for God does not matter half as much as what you are with Him. It isn't enough just to be busy, actively working tirelessly in God's vineyard. God desires a consistent, uninterrupted communion/fellowship/relationship with us … Continue reading Walking or Working?

Would you wait?

​Many times, we find ourselves in situations that seem insurmountable, we pray and it seems our prayers are not being heard, let alone answered. It seems like God's not saying anything about the issue. Maybe we aren't just listening enough. At other times, it seems like God is saying something. Something like "Wait my dear, … Continue reading Would you wait?


Working with the “Now”

Hello dear! We're in the fifth day of the new year already; time does indeed fly and the better news is that you're the pilot. "Not everyone is born with money or good parents or good genetic makeup, but we're all born with some amount  of time to spend. The average person gets around seventy … Continue reading Working with the “Now”


New Resolutions or Old Ones Modified?

It's a new year!🎉🎆🎉 And I'm delighted to welcome you into it.The year looks promising (like every new year does, right?) and I'm certain without an iota of doubt that this year's gonna surpass the former years in greatness for me and for as many as believe. This faith can only stem from God. So, … Continue reading New Resolutions or Old Ones Modified?


Staying Relevant…

Ever had that feeling of being left out in the preparations for a great event coming up soon? Everyone running around trying to get this done and that fixed; and you think and wonder to yourself, "why aren't I involved? I could actually help out with that over there. But surely they'd know that I'm … Continue reading Staying Relevant…


What Have You Got?

😫Yea, I know it's been "ages" since I last visited... I feel bad about it and I've missed being here.. Had quite a tough time summoning courage, but then I realized I only needed to start and the anxiety would disappear.😝 So, I learnt something over the past few days and would love to share … Continue reading What Have You Got?



Doctor Love

“Thank you for talking about Virginity. I thought I was the only virgin left”. Those were the words of a 14-year old girl who needed someone to speak up on Virginity.

World Virginity Day (WVD) is an annual event, powered by MINE Teenage Ministry, a non-profit organization committed to Moulding, Inpsiring, Nuturing and Empowering Teenagers.

WVD holds every second Saturday in June. We held the first in 2011. This year, 2016, marks the 6th year. We have recorded huge successes in all the five previous campaigns.

Why is it called World Virginity Day not World Sexual Purity Day?
We believe in Sexual Purity and that’s the underlying message we are advocating but we have a BIGGER GOAL; restoring the value of VIRGINITY. We want to raise a generation of children, teenagers and youth that know it’s okay and normal to keep yourself until your wedding night.

Currently, we live in…

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Just too scared?!

Hi people! It's been a while I visited 😥 and I'm sorry about many things have been going on around me...things you'll know about once the dust settles down. But before then (which might really take a while) lemme share this very important thing I learnt today. I was going through the Book of … Continue reading Just too scared?!


It’s all been written!

Hello! It's nice to have you around 😊 'cos I've got something really important to share with you today.. The ensuing write-up was culled from the devotional book my family uses... I'm so excited to share this with you because it stirred me into action! Text: Hosea 4:1-7 Welcome to today's devotional! A recent study … Continue reading It’s all been written!