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“Thank you for talking about Virginity. I thought I was the only virgin left”. Those were the words of a 14-year old girl who needed someone to speak up on Virginity.

World Virginity Day (WVD) is an annual event, powered by MINE Teenage Ministry, a non-profit organization committed to Moulding, Inpsiring, Nuturing and Empowering Teenagers.

WVD holds every second Saturday in June. We held the first in 2011. This year, 2016, marks the 6th year. We have recorded huge successes in all the five previous campaigns.

Why is it called World Virginity Day not World Sexual Purity Day?
We believe in Sexual Purity and that’s the underlying message we are advocating but we have a BIGGER GOAL; restoring the value of VIRGINITY. We want to raise a generation of children, teenagers and youth that know it’s okay and normal to keep yourself until your wedding night.

Currently, we live in…

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It’s all been written!

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Not enough!

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Channels only…

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Better Days Are Here!

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